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Divorce can be a complicated process. From the division of assets, spousal support and child custody and placement, there are many issues that need to be negotiated throughout the course of a divorce. Let us work with you to protect your assets, future income and maximize the time you spend with your children. We also have a network of financial professionals and business valuation experts at our disposal if you or your spouse own their own business or have significant investments that are involved in your marital estate.


Ensuring that your assets are protected and will pass on according to your wishes is a vital part of planning for your future. It is especially important after any action, like a divorce, that affects the status of your family. We can also draft living wills and powers of attorney documents to ensure that you are in control of your any decisions involving your medical care should you become sick or injured.


If you need assistance establishing the paternity of your child or need an attorney to work with you during the process of determining child support payments, let us walk you through the process and work towards a fair outcome.


A well drafted prenuptial agreement can save a tremendous amount of time and money in the event of a divorce. Let us work with you to protect your assets.


The time you spend with your child or children is invaluable and we will fight for your right to spend as much time with them as possible.


Adding a child to your family can be a complicated process, let us walk you through it.



Alex has been serving clients in the Milwaukee area since 2013. After receiving his B.A. from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee with honors, he worked in the healthcare sector for several years before returning to law school. He attended Marquette University Law School on a Thomas More Academic Merit Scholarship and was on the Dean's List before graduating in 2013. Since then he has represented individuals, small businesses, healthcare providers and clinics in various matters. He has a broad range of legal experience including working with healthcare providers to negotiate contracts with large health systems, advising health care systems on compliance with federal and state laws and regulations, resolved business and contract disputes, and helping tenants fight for their rights against landlords.

His true passion is representing individuals through the divorce, child custody and prenuptial agreement process. The work is incredibly rewarding and helping people through a difficult time makes the entire endeavor worthwhile. Alex was born and raised in Brookfield and is a lifelong Wisconsin resident. He currently resides in Milwaukee. In his spare time, Alex volunteers his legal services assisting victims of domestic violence and child abuse through a Milwaukee area non-profit organization and helping low-income individuals through other family law issues. He also plays a lot of golf.

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Cost and Efficiency: Our rates are among the lowest in the Milwaukee area, and we encourage any potential client to compare our rates to any other firm before making a decision. We do not require large advanced fees or retainers like most other law firms. We also work hard to be as efficient as possible and strive to solve your problem as quickly as possible. This will keep our fees and your bills as reasonable as possible.

Communication: The most frequently heard complaints from clients regarding their attorneys is a lack of communication and slow response times. We strive to always respond to clients within 24 hours of receipt of their message. Whether you call our office or send an email, we will always respond promptly.

Accessibility: We are available to discuss your case and you will always be able to speak with the attorney you are working with, not passed off to another legal staffer who may not be familiar with the facts of your case.

Strong Advocacy: We are strong, but fair negotiators and always advocate strongly for our client's interests both in and out of court.

Alex Czarnecki


We are happy to answer any questions you have in any stage of your family law or estate planning issue and we really look forward to working with you. Just fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible!